Raising your puppy

When you bring your puppy home give him time to warm up and get comfortable. He will likely bark and pee more frequently than normal until he begins to feel safe and loved in his new home. Spoil your puppy with food, love, and attention but dont let them get with bad behaviour without letting them know its wrong. The longer a puppy get away with bad behaviour the harder it is to teach them.   https://www.purina.ca/articles/puppy/getting-a-puppy/first-night

As your puppy grows and develops, like babies, she goes through teething phases. make sure to give her lots of toys that she can comfortably chew on as she grows her adult teeth. She will often find your hand or arm as a toy both for teething but also for play. puppies in their litter play and bite each other, learning how hard to bite for play vs attach. be patient with your puppy but consistent with teaching them not to bite. There are many different approches to addressing this behaviour and you will need to find what method works for both you and your dog.  Here are a couple links to different ways to approach puppy biting. If all else fails talking with the breeder or a puppy class instructor/trainer for more help. (_______couple websites teached about bitting____________)

Puppy crates are essential for your puppy. it provides them with a safe place to sleep, relax, and escape from stress when needed. Start teaching your puppy the crate is a safe place with reward and treats. Dont keep your poppy crated for long except at night, and make sure to immediatly take them for a potty break when you let them out. Puppy should be able to comfortably stand up and turn around in the crate. Be careful to not have the crate too large or they can learn to start going potty on one side and sleeping on the other side.

Look at our link to potty training to learn about using the crate to help with potty training your puppy.

Socializing yout puppy at a young age is extremely importat to have a well mannered confident puppy. We strive to introduce the puppies to many stangers before they go to thier new home but you will need to coninue to introduce your puppy to many new strangers and dogs. help your puppy learn that people are friendly and the proper way to approach and interact with other dogs and animals. Spending extra time on this at a young age could safe you from stress with your dog in teh future.  A well run puppy socializing/obediance class will do wonders on socializing your puppy. 



It is important to give your dog an adequet amount of safe excersise daily. Enjoy taking your dog out for walks or to the dog park and play fetch or other fun games. It is important to remember to not over work your puppy at a young age as that can cause injury to thier joints as they are developing and predipose your dog to joint problems when they are older. Start out with walks and work your puppy to short runs. Do not run your puppies far or hard until they are fully grown and mature.   (_____article on safe to run puppy____https://www.avidog.com/how-much-exercise-do-puppies-need/_)



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