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Our Girls



 Zee is very athletic and loves to swim and retrieve bumpers, balls, sticks, and more. She has a beautiful dark red coat that shines all spring and summer. We are very excited for her pups as she will be Bella's first progeny to have pups.

Birthdate: May 1, 2021

CKC registered

PennHIP: DI=0.30


Wt: 65lbs



As a companion dog, Ginger is our quickest learner.   She is not persistent and when she is told “No” she usually walks away from the situation.  

Ginger is our strongest Pointing hunter.   She can find a pheasant under a large snowdrift or in the muddy cattails and she quietly waits for me to arrive and get ready.    I enjoy hunting but I am not as quick as my husband so I appreciate a dog that is patient.

Her mother is ‘Lizy the Point Dr’ and father is ‘RascalFlats Smokin Gun’


Birthday: June 12, 2016
CKC registered

PennHIP: DI+0.33 mild

EIC: negative

CAER eye test: normal
Ht: 21 inches
Wt: 75 lbs



Billie is our smallest dog in stature but her heart has to be the biggest. When she is out hunting she has no quit and can go hard for what seems like forever. She is a phenomenal retriever on land or in the water. She loves to stand next to me so that I can rub her ears or scratch her neck. She is very calm when sitting around with our family.

Birthdate: June 8,2021

CKC registered




Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 6.55.35 PM.png


Penny is brilliant and adds excitement to everything around her. She enjoys exploring and finding all the hidden treasures. As much as Penny loves to be out running around her favourite part of the day is spending time with the family and playing fetch. She has been the perfect addition to our home and we love her.

Birthdate: June 24,2021

CKC registered


Ht:  22 inches

Wt: 50 lbs




Lizy is the first breeding female that comes from our own breeding and we are so impressed with her. She is a beautiful dark Fox Red Labrador Retriever. Lizy seems to have taken the best of Sadie and Mack. She has a great nose and is an excellent hunter but also a very enjoyable family pet. Lizy has been a dream to train as she always wants to please and is so loving.

Retired: May 2020




Our Polar Bear White female has the biggest heart I have ever seen in a dog.  Whatever she’s doing she is giving it 124%.  Whether it be hunting, retrieving a ball, playing with the kids or the other dogs she is always giving her all.  As a pup she made teaching/training a breeze.  She lives to please.

Retired: July 2018



Bella is our gorgeous dark Fox Red female that not only has the looks but the brains to go with that beauty.
Her nose can take her to the sly rooster and she will lock into a classic point so you can get all set before she will flush the bird. Once Bella is finished the hunt she slips right back into that loving companion soaking in your affection. Bella can’t get enough water time and is always the first in and the last out

Birthdate: June 12, 2016

CKC registered

PennHIP: DI=0.65  Moderate

OFA elbow:

EIC: negative

CAER eye test: normal



Ruby is our most playful girl. She loves to play catch and swim in the pond. She extremely gentle with kids of all ages and is loved by our grandchildren. Shes quick to respond to our commands and is attentive and listens well.

Birthday: August 6, 2018

CKC registered

PennHIP: DI=0.63 moderate

EIC: negative

Ht: 20 inches

Wt: 58lbs

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