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The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular bird hunting dog in north America for as long as bird hunting has been popular.  They make the perfect family hunting dog because when they are not hunting they are the perfect companion dog, content with lying at your feet, going for walks, or just following the kids around.  This is important as bird hunting seasons are open only a few months a year.

For duck hunting dogs the Labrador Retriever is able to spend long days in the cold and wet and stay warm because of their special hair coat.  This makes the Lab the perfect duck hunting dog in Canada.  Upland game bird and  Pheasant hunting in Canada and the northern states can also be cold, wet, and snowy.

Upland game bird dogs and Pheasant hunting dogs need to have super strong noses to find the birds in their hiding places and then to find and retrieve the downed birds.  Our pointing Labrador Retriever dogs have superior noses to find and point or flush those sneaky Pheasants or upland birds.

If you are looking for a Yellow Canada hunting Labrador Retriever or a Fox Red Canada hunting Labrador Retriever we have a dog for you.  If you are looking for an English type Yellow Labrador Retriever our Bobi has it all.  If you are looking for an American style Yellow or Fox Red hunting Labrador Retriever our Sadie and Lizzy are the pups you need.

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