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The Labrador Retriever is a strongly build, medium size dog with a sound, athletic and well-balanced conformation that allows it to work for long hours under difficult conditions, win in a show ring or be a gentle family companion.  These eager to please dogs are the most popular breed in North America and are used as hunting dogs, guide dogs, in narcotic detection, search and rescue  and most importantly as a faithful family companion.

The distinction between American and English type labs is not an official one but there is a recognized difference.   English Labrador Retrievers are more commonly bred for show and conformation.  These English looking Labs tend to be heavier, blockier and more solid looking.  They have a wider head and shorter muzzle with a noticeably thicker coat.

The American Labrador Retriever has a slightly slimmer looking body with a more athletic build and the coat is noticeably thinner. They are usually taller with longer legs which adds to their athletic look.   These Labs are bred for working ability and are less matched to breed standard.

Regardless of the type, both the American and the English Labrador Retrievers are equally matched as loving, affectionate and highly intelligent dogs while void of any aggression.   These traits make the Labrador Retriever a great working and family companion.

These Canada Labrador Retrievers originated in Newfoundland, Canada and until the late 1800’s they were  black in colour. In 1899 the first yellow lab was recorded and this colour has steadily grown in popularity over the years.

Windy Ridge Labs breeds  Yellow Pointing Labrador Retrievers with the colour variation  Fox Red  to Polar Bear White.   We have an English type Polar Bear White female (Bobbi) and 2 American type Fox Red Labrador Retrievers (Sadi and Lizzy).  All of our females are happy, playful dogs that love to work and love people.

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